Our team are also able to carry out diagnostic fault finding if you discover that you can’t gain entry to your car, or start it with the keys or by keyless entry, or if there are issues with the immobiliser we can work on the Engine Control Unit (ECU). This helps to resolve problems with immobiliser issues and can help with additional security when it comes to your car or van whether that’s a Citroen, Chevrolet or any other model.

Whether you have a Nissan, BMW, Seat or Saab we’ll come to you when you need assistance and will find faults and repair them where possible.

Diagnostics ECU Programming

ECU Programming

The Engine Control Unit, or ECU, can be reprogrammed as well as being updated to offer further security when it comes to your vehicle. As part of the engine management system, it allows us to help you avoid security risks and is great when you have lost your keys, have only been provided with one key when you purchased your car, have had your keys stolen or if your immobiliser does not seem to be working as it should.

We can use our software and equipment to diagnose issues with the computer in your car and when we find a fault our team will resolve it.


The core management system in your car can cause problems with immobilisers as well as keys, giving you issues with accessing and starting your vehicle. We have specialist programmers and use intelligent equipment with which we work to help with key fob repairs. This enables us to find damaged or corroded wiring, faulty Engine Control Units, or ECU’s, faulty sensors and other problems associated with your immobiliser.

Our team service many vehicles with immobiliser problems and have invested years of experience and knowledge in using the specialist technology needed to diagnose issues and fix them in a professional manner.

Immobilisers can become fault for many reasons; key fobs that may have lost their coding, which is easy to do when the battery goes flat and needs replacement; faulty sensors or actuators; corrupted ECU’s; in fact there are so many symptoms of immobiliser faults that we couldn’t possibly list them all here.