1. Upvc Door Lock RepairsFront door Jammed or Sticking?
  2. Key won’t turn in Lock?
  3. Snapped key in lock?
  4. Handles failing and broken?

Do any of these symptoms sound familiar? This is where Thurrock locks comes in, We are a one stop shop for all your Upvc service and repairs.

Upvc doors and windows are the most common type of profile available today, It is estimated that at least seventy per cent of homes across the Uk now have these types of door and windows. Not surprising then that this can make up a good percentage of the general locksmiths work. With that in mind there have been various tools specially manufactured to overcome the problems when the locking system fails and eventually breaks. These tools are then sold to the qualified locksmith who in turn takes time to learn and master the techniques required to operate in a safe and non destructive manner (where possible). Of course there are times where we as locksmiths have no option but to gain access by a destructive means.

At Thurrock Locks we aim to gain access to your Upvc doors and windows with as little damage as humanly possible and repair or replace keeping costs to a minimum. This enables us to continue to build the Thurrock Locks brand across the Essex County.

Frequently Asked Questions about Door Lock Repairs

Thurrock Locks can repair them all!

Yes this can usually be repaired by Either Toe and Heeling the door (this is a skill used in the trade when installing Upvc doors) or by adjusting the door so that it does not fail on the threshhold. Thurrock Locks can cover all Door Repairs in Essex.

There can be a number of reasons why this happens starting with a failed cylinder not turning. Therefore will not release the shoot bolt, which in turn stops the mechanism from releasing. The other common issues are the gearbox or spag system failing. This stops the hooks or shoot bolts from releasing, which in turn stops the door from opening. Thurrock locks are experienced in Fixing or replacing all types of door locking systems.

Yes we can! Firstly we will try to retrieve the key form the lock. If this fails we can use another method to take the lock out and replace it for you. This work will be carried out with the minimum of fuss by our experienced local Locksmiths.

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