Breaking a key inside the ignition of your car or inside a lock in your home is going to cause you nothing but inconvenience if you cannot get it fixed. Finding a locksmith in Essex to come out to you as soon as you need them may be difficult. Unless you call Thurrock Locksmiths. We can come out to you within the hour to extract the broken key from your front/back door or from the ignition of your car and replace it with a new key.

It only takes an old key to be exerted into a lock with too much force for it to break. It happens to a lot of people frequently. If it is old and has been used frequently, then it could break inside your bag or inside your pocket.

Broken Key Replacement

It has happened to many of us – where the key has broken or snapped in the ignition or door lock… or is simply of an age where it needs replacing.

Our team carry equipment that can remove the broken part of the key should it have broken inside the lock or ignition, or indeed the petrol cap. We can also recut your key so that you can gain access to your car and get on the road again.

Should you key need replacing we are able to duplicate it so that you have a new key and can gain access into your car and get you on your way again. We also can provide you with spares should you need them, as well as accessing and re-programming your Engine Control Unit so that anyone with old keys cannot gain entry to your vehicle.